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这次的排错过程,主要是由我的 mentor 主导的,这边也给出了我导师的 github 账号,有兴趣的可以去交流一下哦。

tail -f logs/error.log

首先 static/img/2022-02-08-记录一次排错/image-20220208223242984.png image-20220208231005934




  1. 得到 etcd 中所有的路由信息
etcdctl get / --prefix --keys-only
  1. tail 日志信息
tail -f logs/error.log
  1. 删除 etcd 中所有的 APISIX 路由数据
etcdctl del /apisix/routes --prefix
  1. 这边也记录一下 etcd 的官方关闭命令,其实也可以参考其他进程类关闭的方法:
kill `pgrep etcd`

来自于 etcd 官方链接

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The environment variable GOROOT indicates the Go language installation directory.

In windows, the default value of GOROOT is C:/go, while in macOS or Linux, the default value of GOROOT is usr/local/go. If you install Go in another directory, you need to change the value of GOROOT to the corresponding directory.

In addition, GOROOT/bin contains the toolchain that Go provides for us, so you should configure GOROOT/bin to the environment variable PATH so that we can use the Go toolchain globally.

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Observability (monitoring functionality) has always played an important role in system maintenance. A good monitoring system can help engineers quickly understand the status of services running in production environments and can locate problems or give early warning of anomalies when they occur.

Prometheus is a leading open-source project focused on metrics and alerting that has changed the way the world does monitoring and observability. And Apache APISIX Ingress Controller has enhanced its support for Prometheus Metrics in recent releases, adding a new feature for use in conjunction with the public-api plugin. This article will introduce how to configure public-api to protect Prometheus to collect Apache APISIX Ingress Controller's Metrics data.